Soudah Development Company

Soudah Development Company

  • Overview:

  • The company was established as a massive national project with the aim of developing Soudah tourist area in Asir, under the direct supervision of His Highness the Crown Prince.
  • Project Objectives:

  • Collaboration with them to execute internal events for employees.
  • Stages of Work:

  • Setup Phase:

  • Defined the objectives of the events and the desired outcomes.
  • Established the creative and logistical plan for the events.
  • Chose suitable methods to attract employees.
  • Implementation Phase:

  • Executed events with efficiency and professionalism.
  • Managed media and logistical aspects.
  • Ensured employee participation and engagement.
  • Evaluation Phase:

  • Measured employee satisfaction and their engagement with events.
  • Evaluated the extent of achieving objectives.
  • Derived lessons for continuous improvement.
  • Achievements & Outcomes:

  • Enhanced job loyalty among company staff.
  • Boosted employee morale and enthusiasm.
  • The company benefited from our expertise in event management.
Soudah Development Company