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About TADE

Through an inspiring idea in 2016, Ted Advertising Company emerged as one of the sectors of the Ted Holding Company, operating strategically and executively to high standards of efficiency. Embracing youthful values in a modern and renewed manner, it elevates audience interests.

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Our Services

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We offer an integrated strategic partnership with our clients, where we soar in the realm of ideas and imagination to create everything that enhances excellence and innovation.
Digital Presence Management
Enhancing your brand visibility and engagement across online platforms like websites, social media, and search engines.
Marketing Campaigns
Strategically planned initiatives aimed at promoting your products or services to target audiences through various marketing channels.
Media Center Management
Efficient organization and coordination of media resources and activities to optimize communication and engagement with the target audience.
Creative Studio
A collaborative workspace where innovative ideas are conceptualized, developed, and transformed into captivating visual and multimedia content.
Event Production
Expertly orchestrating every detail, from planning to execution, to deliver unforgettable experiences and seamlessly managed events.
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Our Acheivements

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