Saudi Real Estate Refinance Company

Saudi Real Estate Refinance Company

  • Overview:

  • The company was established in 2017 as a specialized entity in real estate refinancing, aiming to support the stability of the real estate financing market and facilitate citizens' access to financing.
  • Project Objectives:

  • Collaboration with them to enhance internal and external communication.
  • Stages of Work:

  • Setup Phase:

  • Established plans and programs to enhance internal communication among employees.
  • Identified suitable media coverages and events.
  • Coordinated with the company management.
  • Implementation Phase:

  • Implemented internal communication programs to enhance job affiliation.
  • Organized events related to the company's activities.
  • Provided comprehensive media coverage for the company's activities.
  • Filmed, executed, and directed the promotional video for Al-Ittihad Saudi Club.
  • Offered media and marketing support for social media platforms.
  • Evaluation Phase:

  • Measured employee satisfaction indicators and media coverage.
  • Made improvements to the strategy.
  • Delivered periodic reports on the results.
  • Achievements & Outcomes:

  • Enhanced the company's internal and external communication.
  • Successful events and media coverage.
  • Supported the company's communication objectives.
Saudi Real Estate Refinance Company