Aljood Coal

Aljood Coal

  • Overview:

  • Aljood Coal Company is one of the leading Saudi companies in supplying high-quality coal supplies with a wide variety to meet market needs.
  • Project Objectives:

  • Collaboration with them to enhance their marketing presence.
  • Stages of Work:

  • Setup Phase:

  • Studied the target market and identified marketing messages.
  • Developed plans for content and campaigns across social media platforms.
  • Determined suitable events and activities.
  • Implementation Phase:

  • Produced visual content using our creative studio.
  • Executed marketing campaigns across social media.
  • Organized events and activities related to the company's vision.
  • Evaluation Phase:

  • Analyzed performance indicators to measure audience reach.
  • Made continuous improvements to the strategy.
  • Delivered periodic reports on the results.
  • Achievements & Outcomes:

  • Enhanced the company's marketing presence across digital channels.
  • Supported the company's objectives in marketing and sales.
  • The company benefited from our expertise in digital marketing.
Aljood Coal