National Gas and Industrialization Company (GASCO)

National Gas and Industrialization Company (GASCO)

  • Overview:

  • The company was established in 1963 following the merger of two leading gas companies. It is now the leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas in the Kingdom, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • Project Objectives:

  • Collaboration to produce informative content about the company.
  • Stages of Work:

  • Setup Phase:

  • Studied the company's identity and message.
  • Developed a creative plan for visual content.
  • Chose the latest production techniques.
  • Implementation Phase:

  • Produced explanatory videos using motion graphics.
  • Aligned content with the company's identity and mission.
  • Evaluation Phase:

  • Reviewed content and measured performance indicators.
  • Made improvements to production.
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of the content in achieving objectives.
  • Achievements & Outcomes:

  • Produced high-quality content that meets the company's needs.
  • Enhanced the company's media presence at events.
  • The company benefited from our extensive expertise in content creation.
National Gas and Industrialization Company (GASCO)